Atomic increment of a counter in django

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I’m trying to atomically increment a simple counter in Django. My code looks like this:

from models import Counter
from django.db import transaction

def increment_counter(name):
    counter = Counter.objects.get_or_create(name = name)[0]
    counter.count += 1

If I understand Django correctly, this should wrap the function in a transaction and make the increment atomic. But it doesn’t work and there is a race condition in the counter update. How can this code be made thread-safe?


Use an F expression:

from django.db.models import F

either in update():

Counter.objects.filter(name=name).update(count=F("count") + 1)

or on the object instance:

counter, _ = Counter.objects.get_or_create(name=name)
counter.count = F("count") + 1["count"])

Remember to specify update_fields, or you might encounter race conditions on other fields of the model.

A note on the race condition avoided by using F expressions has been added to the official documentation.

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