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Tag: python

How to put multiple statements in one line?

I wasn’t sure under what title to ponder this question exactly, coding golf seems appropriate if a bit unspecific. I know a little bit of comprehensions in python but they seem very hard to ‘read’. …

How to test the membership of multiple values in a list

I want to test if two or more values have membership on a list, but I’m getting an unexpected result: So, Can Python test the membership of multiple values at once in a list? What does that result mean? Answer This does what you want, and will work in nearly all cases: The expression ‘a’,’b’ in [‘b’, ‘a’, ‘foo’, ‘bar’]

selecting attribute values from lxml

I want to use an xpath expression to get the value of an attribute. I expected the following to work but this gives an error : Am I wrong to expect this to work? AdvertisementAnswer find and findall only implement a subset of XPath. Their presence is meant to provide compatibility with other ElementTree implementations […]

generate video pixel by pixel, programmatically

I’d like to generate an animation pixel by pixel programmatically. Preferably in Hi-Def, in Python or in Ruby. I thought about using PIL to make each frame and then convert the frames into video. Is there a better way to do this? EDIT: Clarification, this is 2D and I need the pixels to be precise. EDITEDIT: Something like this: Would

Python – Unflatten dict

I have this multi-dimensional dict: And written simple function to flatten that dict: After call this function with dict a i get in result: Now, after making few instructions on this flattened dict i need to build new, multi-dimensional dict from that flattened. Example: The only problem I have is that i do not have a function unflatten :) Can