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Python inserting variable string as file name

I’m trying to create a file with a unique file name for every time my script runs. I am only intending to do this to every week or month. so I chose to use the date for the file name. is where I’m getting this error. it works if I use a static filename, is there an issue with the

How to get the index with the key in a dictionary?

I have the key of a python dictionary and I want to get the corresponding index in the dictionary. Suppose I have the following dictionary, d = { ‘a’: 10, ‘b’: 20, ‘c’: 30} Is there a combination of …

dynamically adding callable to class as instance “method”

I implemented a metaclass that tears down the class attributes for classes created with it and builds methods from the data from those arguments, then attaches those dynamically created methods directly to the class object (the class in question allows for easy definition of web form objects for use in a web testing framework). It has been working just fine,

Pycuda Blocks and Grids to work with big datas

I need help to know the size of my blocks and grids. I’m building a python app to perform metric calculations based on scipy as: Euclidean distance, Manhattan, Pearson, Cosine, joined other. The project is PycudaDistances. It seems to work very well with small arrays. When I perform a more exhaustive test, unfortunately it did not work. I downloaded movielens